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Here’s a little bonus tip to get you started…

In short – with something to work towards, your child is more likely to have a reason to work! (Hence less nagging required.)

Whether you would like to use the Masterclass to help you or not, the key is to get your child really thinking about their future, and what it could look like.

Here’s how the Masterclass helped one of our members:

We’ve just spent a good couple of hours taking the masterclass and both loved it – I’m going to seriously think about using the tips to look at my own career change!

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. She was sceptical at first but as soon as the first task requested that we go house hunting; she was hooked! She liked pausing to complete the mini tasks rather than just watching a 17 minute video and it’s inspired lots of chatting about her career thoughts, goals and what she realistically needs to be earning to afford the apartment she wants.

It’s really helped her look at the big picture.

– Heidi from Peterborough

You can get instant access to the Masterclass (and workbook) for just £19. (That probably works out at about £1 for every time you’ve nagged them in the last week, right…? 😫)

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