Free summer prep checklist

It’s a tough year. For both of you. If you’re dreading your child starting Y11 in September, you’re not alone.

We’ll show you how to be the expert coach they need to get their best possible results
next summer (with simple tips and habits you can build into your daily routine).

99% of parents don’t know how to help their child succeed.
Find out how to be one of the 1% who do.

Let’s start at the beginning.  
What’s the best way to balance ‘getting a rest’ over the holidays with actually doing something useful to prepare for Y11?  
Grab our free summer prep checklist for a manageable balance that’ll mean they start Y11 right!

The biggest source of overwhelm (and therefore stress and worry) in Y11 tends to be the prospect of writing up revision notes / summaries while also dealing with school and homework.

That’s why the tasks on the list are designed to save them time and stress in Y11, because they’ll have got their notes written up from Y10, and can start Y11 feeling ‘on top’ of things.

If you’re worried you’ll be adding to their stress by asking them to work during the summer, rest assured that they can probably check off all of this by just doing one morning a week, for 4 of the weeks.   

Just kidding.  They’re teenagers – it’ll be an afternoon. ?

Here’s what they’ll be ticking off…

Notes for core subjects

Collecting together notes from Y10 in flashcards or mindmaps not only reduces the workload in Y11, it also sets up a system for revision notes that they can use throughout the year.

Vocab for MFL GCSE

The more time they spend working on their vocabulary for their language GCSE, the easier it will make their speaking & listening exam.
There are some great (free) apps that can make it really simple to do.

Keep on top of projects

Art & Design subjects often have a big project built in. Whether they’re doing Art, Computer Science or an EPQ, keeping on top of the project work over the summer can really help take the pressure off in Y11.

GCSE summer prep checklist