50% of their learning time is at home.




Printable weekly revision plan

✔️ Space for notes and topic details

✔️ Tick off when completed

✔️ Encourages a variety of revision styles (learning/creating/answering)


Stellar job, am already getting my 15 year old involved with the emails so she knows where I'm coming from, and she's asking me every Sunday if the email has come in!

- Kayte from Chester

So what do you get if you join us...?


We'll give you all the information you need,
so you'll be able to support them from a place of knowledge, not nagging.


You'll know they're revising effectively, in the best way for them.


You'll get a weekly email with bite-sized chunks of information. Nothing overwhelming.


Help your child to be ready for anything the exams throw at them.

Overall, the programme so far has been as we hoped - telling us stuff we didn’t even know we needed to know, and helping our responsible, bright Y11 feel on top of things.

She wants to do well and deserves to, as she works really hard, and it feels like we can now help ensure her work is consistently useful and gets results.

- Jen from Sheffield

GCSE maths formulae poster


Printable maths formulae poster

✔️ Prints up to A4

✔️ Covers all the formulae they need to learn

✔️ Members get a poster-quality version in their welcome pack


Using big-picture motivation to power through the stress of GCSEs.

We use real-life examples of rent costs to help your child understand the realities of the salary they need to be planning for.

Life isn't all about GCSE grades - what else do they have to offer?

Why wouldn't you!?

Starting to plan the steps needed to get from where they are to where they want to be.

(If you sign up for membership afterwards, we'll happily refund this, as it's included with every membership!)

We've just spent a good couple of hours taking the masterclass and both loved it - I'm going to seriously think about using the tips to look at my own career change!

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. She was sceptical at first but as soon as the first task requested that we go house hunting; she was hooked! She liked pausing to complete the mini tasks rather than just watching a 17 minute video and it's inspired lots of chatting about her career thoughts, goals and what she realistically needs to be earning to afford the apartment she wants.

It's really helped her look at the big picture.

- Heidi from Peterborough

How do I get my child to revise for GCSE?


Printable Y11 survival guide

✔️ 6 page booklet for parents

✔️ Practical tips

Membership includes...

⭐️ Revision tips & techniques explained in a clear and easy-to-use way

⭐️ Recommended revision resources and go-to advice for each subject

⭐️ Syllabus information for every subject, so that you can make sure they’re revising everything they need to

⭐️ How to help your child build great study skills for life

⭐️ How to improve your child’s attitude towards exams, including tips for motivation and for stress-reduction

⭐️ Information about preparing for Post-16 choices and CV building strategies

⭐️ Personalised exam timetable generator tool

Revision Plan Generator

⭐️ Build a printable revision plan in JUST 5 MINUTES

⭐️ Produces a printable pdf, with a week to a page

⭐️ Summary of the total hours revised per subject

⭐️ Customise the number of revision blocks per day

⭐️ Assign priorities to subjects so they'll do more blocks for important subjects

⭐️ Can be exported to Google calendar, iOS calendar or equivalent

Revision Planner Pad & Formulae poster

⭐️ 50 sheet pad

⭐️ Space to add topic-level detail each week

⭐️ Helps keep track of both revision and homework

⭐️ Tick off what's been revised each week

⭐️ 350gsm laminated A4 formulae poster

50% off Your Favourite Teacher packages

⭐️ Covers the entire GCSE Maths and English curriculum

⭐️ Broken down into online lessons, worksheets and quizzes

⭐️ Additional content for other GCSE subjects

⭐️ 3 entire GCSEs of tutoring covered, for the same price you'd pay for just 5 hours with a private tutor

The Goal Setting Masterclass

Our membership programme is now full for current Y11. The 2021 programme will open in April.

    I am really enjoying reading the weekly emails and listening to the podcasts.

    I find they give me the confidence to have surprisingly open conversations with my year 11 son without coming across as a nagging mum.

    We are finding a way forward that is suiting him and building up routines and trust.

    - Helen from Nottingham


    If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

    Not ready to sign up yet? Why not give us a try with our Goal Setting Masterclass first?

    (If you sign up for membership afterwards, we'll happily refund this, as it's included with every membership!)

    Just want to head for the free revision planner access?


    ⭐️ LITTLE & OFTEN:
    30 minute blocks are good.

    ⭐️ GET A PLAN:
    Use our revision plan generator (members get the full version!)

    Use the specification to include topics on the plan (or use our checklists).

    Re-reading your notes over and over is not revising...

    ⭐️ REMEMBER!
    It's all about getting information into your long-term memory.

    Stepping back and looking at the big picture can help with motivation. What's their 'why'?

    Get them to build in rewards for completing their revision each week. It might even replace nagging!


    Schools generally do a fantastic job of making sure your teenager knows everything they need to know in order to pass their exams. That said, teenagers aren’t always the best at communicating (or remembering), so it often doesn’t filter through to parents. While you can entrust a lot of this to schools, your child spends around 50% of their possible learning time at home, so they need someone to help keep them on track there too.

    You can find quite a bit of it, if you have the time to search, and you know what to search for. Trouble is, there’s a lot of bad advice out there, as well as a lot of old advice. We do the filtering-out-the-rubbish bit, so you don’t have to.

    If it helps, think of us as a time-saving subscription box. You’ll have seen the meal-prep kit adverts – instead of going shopping, deciding what to cook, searching for recipes, and checking whether you have all the ingredients (and then measuring them), you just get them to send you a box with all the right stuff in, including instructions. No wasted time or effort, and no brain power required (because let’s face it, your day has been challenging enough already).

    We do that, but instead of dinner, we ‘prep’ your knowledge about what to talk to your child about to keep them on track!

    Other than reading the emails, and watching any videos you are interested in, it’s really up to you how long you spend getting involved. The aim is to make our tips things you could discuss over the dinner table with your child, since we know you’re busy!

    There’s a catch-up system in place – don’t worry. We’ll make sure you get all of the weekly emails, even the ones that have already gone out earlier in the year.

    We will be creating exam-board specific materials – there will be a bank of documents for each subject and each exam board that will have the specification, revision checklists, and past papers. Content for many subjects is pretty similar across exam boards (maths particularly for example), but for those that do vary, we’ll give advice for each exam board.

    We haven’t covered CCEA, as they are set up quite differently (they have modular exams). We do however have AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC / Eduqas and CIE covered.

    Yup.  Got those covered too.

    We’ll be covering plenty of options, so that you can help your child find the right one(s) for them, and use them efficiently. Everyone is different, so we’re covering all the bases.

    You can cancel the monthly plan at any time, and we won’t take any more payments. If you’ve paid in advance and want to cancel, we’ll refund based on how many months are left until the end of June.

    Just head to the members area, click on ‘my account’ and then ‘subscriptions’. You should see the option to cancel there. If you have any problems, please email

    We’re always happy to hear from you, so if you feel we’ve missed anything, or could be doing better, then please do let us know!

    Private tutors are a great way to improve a specific grade. If it’s just one subject you’re concerned about, then that’s the way to go. We however, provide you as a parent with the tools you need to help your child improve all their grades, by improving their study skills overall. We’ll also help you to make this a less stressful year for the whole family, by making your interactions with your child more support, less ‘nag’.

    We’ve also teamed up with to offer 50% off for our members – they cover the whole of the GCSE Maths & English curriculum with online lessons, quizzes and worksheets.

    GCSEs in Wales are graded differently (you sensibly stuck with A*-G), but we will be including WJEC (the Welsh exam board)-specific information in the programme too.

    We’re not including CCEA in our exam boards this year, as it’s a little too differently set up (they still allow for students to take exams in January, rather than all at the end of the course. If your child’s exams are mostly with CCEA, we won’t be very helpful to you. We’re sorry.

    We are in our first year, so that’s probably why!

    Drop us an email at

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