Make the most of Mocks


(Not the other way around)

Mocks are a dress rehearsal. They exist to help students get everything working right for the real things.

Here’s what mocks can help your child do ⬇︎

  • Figure out what they do / don’t know yet.
  • See whether their revision is working properly – did they remember everything they should when it’s just them and a pen and an exam paper?
  • Get used to exam conditions.
  • Find their strengths and highlight their weaknesses so they can work on them.

Trouble is, mocks tend to all blur together. We think it really helps to spend 1-2 minutes (that’s all it’ll take) after each exam to do a quick debrief.

They’ll note what they hadn’t learned yet (so they can add it to the revision list), what they forgot (so they can revise it more / better), and what they found easy / hard.

They can then refer back to it when they get their mock papers back, and it’ll remind them of how they felt about the paper at the time.

Bring it on.