Questions for open evenings

Questions for open evenings

Post-16 open evenings are often in November, but can vary by area. Here (just in case yours are sooner) are some tips for getting the most information out of them!

– Speak to actual students. They’ll usually be there as guides. They’ll give you the most honest answers about what courses are actually like, what the school environment is like etc.

– Ask the staff about what the course structure is like, and what would be expected on a daily basis.

– Ask about the homework workload.

– Go and visit lessons one day if you can, with your child.

– How do they support the UCAS application process?

– What do they do in terms of careers advice / apprenticeships?

– Does the school help organise work experience (vital for UCAS applications)?

– What are the study facilities like for study periods? (Particularly IT access…)

– What opportunities are there for social activities or clubs?

– What sort of pastoral support is provided? Will they have a form tutor? Will it be a 6th form only tutor group, or mixed year?

– How many students in a class generally?

– Do they have specialist teachers for the subject(s) your child wants to study?

– Do they do EPQ? (Extended Project Qualification – great for UCAS)