Organising revision notes

Organising revision notes

How to organise revision notes

However they’re revising, be that notes, flashcards, mindmaps, voice memos, apps, it’s important that they have a system.

They might have a different notebook for each set of notes. (If so could they use post-its as dividers for modules / topics?)

They might have different sets of flashcards for each subject. (If so, how are they storing them so they can find what they need?)

They might have everything on apps.  (If so, what tools do they have in place to make sure they’re not getting distracted by notifications etc?)

They might not be much of a reader / writer, so they’ve gone with recording voice memos.  (If so, have they set up a good folder system so they can find things afterwards?)

Here are some super-top-tips:

  • Keep an overview / index at the front of each notebook. Leave a couple of pages blank for it. They don’t have to number pages if they’re using post-it dividers – an index just helps them figure out whereabouts to look.
  • It can help to highlight keywords, so they can find things more easily. Identifying the key words is a useful skill in itself…
  • Have a CLEAR folder system for any files on a computer. And name them sensibly. More detail is better when it comes to finding things again later by their filename!
  • They will need a filing system for flashcards*. An elastic band would do in a pinch, but unless they’re using coloured cards, it’s easy to get them mixed up.
  • It’s not a bad plan to add a section at the bottom of each page for a summary / key words / links to other topics.

Basically, they need notes separated by subject, then by overall topic.  One size does not fit all, so they’ll probably find one option appeals more than the others.

*Beware ‘unicorn-rainbow-highlighter-syndrome’ – the overuse of so many colours, you need sunglasses to look at the flashcards.  It’s a common procrastination method to spend too much time making cards pretty, and too little making them useful.   

If you think this might apply to your child, just buy one colour highlighter!