Mentoring packages

⭐️ NEW – Mentoring packages ⭐️

Ok. So now you know exactly what your child should be doing to revise effectively… BUT… you’re still having to nag them constantly. 😩

Does your child need that extra kick up the support to make sure they’re doing the right things?

We’ve been listening to what you’re saying, and if your child needs:

✓ Accountability

✓ An expert to check in with regularly

✓ Advice directly on their situation

✓ Encouragement and inspiration

✓ Reassurance that they’re doing the right thing

A mentor takes care of all of that for you.

There are many reasons why you might want someone else to mentor your child, (even with the support you’ve had as a member).

Maybe you don’t have the time right now, maybe you have found that trying to coach them yourself is causing too much friction, or maybe you want someone else to play ‘bad cop’ and hold them accountable for their studying.

Sometimes they need to hear it from someone else before they’re willing to hear it from their parents.

Having a mentor can have a huge impact on your child’s confidence, their attitude towards revision, and ultimately, their results.

Peer support

Your chances of success are 7 times greater if you use peer support. With our Gold package, your child will have the chance to talk out their challenges, achievements and progress with like-minded students, led by an expert mentor. They’ll be able to submit questions in advance if there’s a particular issue they want to talk through.

Individual support

For those needing a more personalised approach on the Platinum package, a half hour individual coaching call each week with an expert mentor will keep your child on track, focused on their goals, and facing up to challenges.


£99 per month


£449 (one-off)


£199 per month


£899 (one-off)

  • Weekly 1 hr group coaching call – max. 10 students per group

  • Weekly half hour individual coaching call
  • PLUS Weekly 1 hr group coaching call – max. 10 students per group

In addition to better school attendance and a better chance of going on to higher education, mentored youth maintain better attitudes toward school.

The Role of Risk, 2013

We take this very seriously. If we’re going to mentor your child, we need to know that they’re taking it seriously too. We will expect them to attend every coaching call. (If there’s a genuine reason they can’t, you can email us for an audio-only recording of that call.)

We’re introducing these two options this year before we launch them as a full membership option next year, and so we are limiting spaces to:

20 x Gold packages

5 x Platinum packages

How many students per group? We want to make sure that we can really get to know each student and their individual needs, so on the group option there will be an absolute maximum of 10 students per group call.

When are the calls? Group calls will be either on Sunday morning from 11-12, or on Wednesday evening from 7-8.

We will arrange individual calls for Platinum packages directly with you.

How are the calls delivered? We’ll do the calls via Zoom – it’s free to use, and can be done on a computer or a phone / tablet. They’ll have the option to go face-to-face, or to leave the camera off and go audio-only. (They can choose whichever they’re more comfortable with.)

Group calls: They’ll be able to submit questions to us in advance, or ask during the call. Group coaching has real benefits in that it makes the student aware they are not alone in their struggles. Many of the issues raised by others will apply directly to your child too.

They will be able to see the first name of the other members of their group, and talk to each other within the call to share experiences and advice. If they choose to enable their camera, all members of that group call will be able to see them during the call. (They can disable the camera before they join the call if they want to.)