7 ways to homeschool like a pro!

Tune in live to find out:
- Why this time 'off' could be turned into an advantage for them
- How to know what they should cover at home
- Where to find online teaching resources
- How to get them doing the things that will make a difference.
- How to be the coach that they need in order to get them learning independently.
- How to have conversations about 'schoolwork' without them feeling like you're nagging.
- How to stay sane through these next few months!

How to support your child with their GCSEs while schools are closed

Find out how to get them learning independently (because you didn't sign up to be their teacher! 😳)

When? Mar 30, 2020 7:00 PM

For who? Parents of Y9s & Y10s

Where? Online via Zoom

How much? Free

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