Small changes add up to a BIG difference

Help your teen beat study stress by building these 3 simple habits into their day

The simple but powerful habits every student needs

Whether your child is still early in their secondary school journey, or whether they’re hurtling towards their A-levels, these 3 habits will be gamechangers.

The ‘curse of the teenager’ is the temptation to leave things until the last minute.

That leads to stress, panic, and that old parent chestnut, “Well if you hadn’t left it to the last minute… ?”

Cue the eye-rolling. ?

Trouble is, that’s not all.

‘Cramming’ for tests or exams simply isn’t an effective way to study.

It’s much better, memory-wise, to learn something, revise it, revise it again… and space those out.

BUT, that comes down to good study habits.

These 3 habits are some of our TOP tips from 30+ years of teaching, as well as surviving the GCSE & A-level years with our own twins.

They’re simple enough that it’s easy for your child to build them into their daily routine.

They’re powerful enough to lead to…

⭐️ A confident child, who feels fully prepared for their exams

⭐️ Better grades

⭐️ A better work-life balance

If your child is feeling confident, doing well, and staying on top of their work (while their friends are feeling overwhelmed, having left it all to the last minute), they’ll be happier too!

If they’re happy, you’re happy!

No need for nagging. (Well, not about school anyway! ?)

There’s even a video you can show your child to let me persuade them that this is helpful (they can roll their eyes at me all they like! ?).

Who am I?

Emily is quickly becoming the parent’s champion as she combines her 15 years of teaching experience with being a parent of 3 herself, to ensure that parents have all the information they need in order to help their children succeed and stay sane in the process!

Emily is regularly featured as an education expert on the BBC.
Last summer, she also appeared on Good Morning Britain on GCSE results day.

She’s also the proud author of the ‘GCSE Survival Guide For Parents‘.

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