GCSE Survival Guide

“I’ve been through parenting and GCSEs. We genuinely need all the help we can get.” Claudia Winkleman

Nag.  Tidy. (Drink). Repeat. 
Ah, the joys of parenting a teenager.

GCSEs are probably the biggest responsibility they’ve faced so far in their lives.

You know in your heart that your child is awesome, and capable of greatness, but unless that pile of dirty clothes on their floor actually bites them, they’re not going to tidy up. It’s no wonder you’re worried they’re not ready. 

Your 5 minutes at parents’ evening wasn’t much help, and your child doesn’t tell you anything, so how do you know whether they’re doing the right things to prepare for their exams?  Simple.  Read this book!

You’ll know how to help your child…

•  ORGANISE their notes and their time
•  STUDY smarter, not harder
•  PLAN for post-16
•  FEEL confident and prepared for exams

(AND… you’ll know how to stay sane through the process!)

Packed full of ninja-parent tricks and tips for getting your child on board, without nagging!

As a mum of 3, and having taught maths for 15 years, Emily Hughes has helped thousands of students succeed at GCSE.   She’s now made it her mission in life to take the stress out of GCSEs for parents too.

Revision doesn’t have to be a battle.  You’re on the same team.

Terri Dwyer

Actress, Producer of independent feature film Break

I’m a mother of a teenager. Everyone warns you how difficult that can be, but until you’re actually faced with the reality of it you can never truly understand. Every time I open my mouth I feel like I’m saying the wrong thing. My son barely speaks to me unless it’s to tell me he’s hungry, and not in a “Hi Mum, would you mind making me something to eat please!” kind of way. 

This book is an easy read; a how-to manual to navigate the hormones and complexity of your teenager and a coping tool for the looming GCSEs. How to avoid the pitfalls and encourage your child in a supportive (and not irritating) way. 

At the end of the day we all just want our children to be well adjusted human beings so they can go out into the Big Wide World and have the tools to grasp every opportunity that crosses their paths. This is a good start to that journey.