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Discover how to get your child motivated like never before and working smarter, not harder so that they are providing their teachers with all the evidence they need to get the grades they deserve.

We’ve put together our ultimate package for GCSE students:
How to get epic GCSE grades (even ‘remotely’) PLUS the Motivation Masterclass

So how exactly do you get epic grades when exams have been cancelled?

Well… it all comes down to evidence. Your child’s teachers will be submitting their final grades this year, so your child needs to impress them!

Easier said than done though, right? It’s been tough to keep their motivation levels up through lockdowns, restrictions and remote learning.

That’s why we’ve teamed up our Remote Learning Tips with our incredibly powerful Motivation Masterclass. If your child knows their big ‘WHY’, they’ll find it a million times easier to see past the current challenges to the dream that they’re working towards.

(And the better motivated they are, the less nagging you’ll have to do!)

If you’re having daily arguments about how much work they should be doing…


If you’re fed up saying the same thing to them over and over, knowing they just won’t listen to you (because let’s face it, teenagers don’t like to listen to their parents advice if they can help it!).


If you feel like they’re doing as much as they can possibly do, but you’re not sure they’re doing the right things?


If you just want to know what they need to work towards!

This package is perfect for you and your child.

Are you ready to get started?

What other parents said…

We’ve just spent a good couple of hours taking the motivation masterclass and both loved it – I’m going to seriously think about using the tips to look at my own career change!

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. She was sceptical at first but as soon as the first task requested that we go house hunting; she was hooked! She liked pausing to complete the mini tasks rather than just watching a 17 minute video and it’s inspired lots of chatting about her career thoughts, goals and what she realistically needs to be earning to afford the apartment she wants.

It’s really helped her look at the big picture.

– Heidi from Peterborough

This is for you if you want…

Practical advice from experts…
Guidance on where to find resources…
AND a skill that’ll set them up for every job interview… ever!

It’s not for you if…

You want something subject-specific. These are general skill that will support them in studying for every subject. Think ‘coaching’ rather than ‘tutoring’….
You’re looking for a miracle cure. They’ll get all the tools they need to succeed and stay motivated, but they’re still going to have to put in the work.

What we’ve put together for you is practical, supportive advice.

It’s aimed at your child, but there’s plenty in there for parents too.

Our mantra is ‘knowledge beats nagging’. The more you understand about what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, the better you can coach them through this. Without feeling like you’re nagging.

Is your child…?

Spending all their time making and reading pages and pages of notes (but is it really going in?)

Zero motivation, so doing as little as they can get away with ?

Would rather chop off their own arm than speak up in class. They’d rather struggle on their own than say something to their teacher.

You need this if…

You want your child to find their big ‘WHY’ to keep them motivated through all the drama of this year (and whatever comes next!)

You want to feel confident that they’re doing the right things, and spending their time wisely (without getting overwhelmed).

You want to take as much pressure OFF them as possible.

You want to know that they’re in the strongest position possible when it comes to Teacher Assessed Grades (and that if the worst happens, you’ve got all the evidence you need for appeals).

Emily’s background in education qualifies her perfectly to lead the ParentGuidetoEducation group. She attended Cambridge University and having left there with a degree in Mathematics with Education, she embarked upon a 15 year teaching career.

Since founding ParentGuidetoGCSE and ParentGuidetoPost16, Emily’s expertise has been sought after by thousands of parents through the ParentGuide Facebook groups.

Emily is quickly becoming the parent’s champion as she combines her wealth of teaching experience with being a parent of 3 herself to ensure that parents have all the information they need in order to help their children succeed in exams and stay sane in the process!

Emily is regularly featured as an education expert on the BBC, both news and radio.
Last summer, she also appeared on Good Morning Britain on GCSE results day.

She’s also the proud author of the ‘GCSE Survival Guide For Parents’.

What you’ll get…

Our 5 top tips for mastering ‘remote’ learning, so that everything they’re already doing becomes evidence for the epic grades they deserve.

Our Motivation Masterclass, designed to help your child design a life they’ll LOVE by finding what really lights them up.

Our Motivation Masterclass Booklet to talk them through every step of the process of figuring out their big ‘WHY’.

The combination of my 15 years experience as a teacher, my insight as a parent of teenagers myself, and the wealth of expertise I’ve built up while running the Parent Guide to GCSE. All channelled into a focussed, practical pep talk for your child!

All for an investment of just £33!


How long will this take to complete? The remote learning section lasts roughly 45 minutes, and the Motivation Masterclass is just over 15 minutes of video (plus the brainstorming time, which is up to them!). We know they’re busy, so it’s as short-and-to-the-point as it could be!

Will they need to print anything? Up to you – we’ve made the booklet to help them collect their thoughts, but they could simply have it open on screen and write on a blank sheet if that’s easier.

Is this suitable for Y10s? YES! They may not be working towards ‘final’ grades this year, but everything they’re doing still counts. It’s also still a little unclear what allowances will be made (if any) next year, so better to get ahead.

Will I get immediate access? Yes. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email with your login details, and you’ll be able to get straight onto the course.

How much is it, and what’s your refund policy? It’s an investment of £33. You’ll get access for as long as the Parent Guide to GCSE stays up and running. If your child genuinely can’t find one ‘lightbulb’ moment, we’ll give you a refund (or better yet, hop on a zoom call with you both and see if we can do better in person!).

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