How exactly do Teacher Assessed GCSE grades work?

Well… it all comes down to evidence.

We’ll show your child exactly how to give their teachers all the evidence they need, so that they can get the epic grades they deserve.


I know you’re worried about your child or you wouldn’t be here.

You feel like they should be doing more, because your gut is telling you that this is the time of year they’d normally be ramping up the amount of revision, but they’re just… not.

It’s VITAL that they still put the work in.

At ParentGuideToGCSE, we’re supporting thousands of parents through the minefield of GCSEs every year.

Now we know that Teacher Assessed Grades are what’s happening, we can roll up our sleeves and get cracking!

What you’ll get…

In this 45 minute Masterclass for Y10 & Y11, I’ll teach them how to use what they’re doing at home to provide their teachers with the evidence they’ll need by…

⭐️ working smarter, not harder

⭐️ using their ‘remote’ work & revision to evidence their awesomeness

⭐️ impressing their teacher (because mini-exams or no mini-exams, their teacher will be the person who helps decide their grade)

PLUS… we’ll show them why all of that adds up to a MASSIVE life hack…😉

For the price of just one ‘tutoring’ session, you can help them with ALL their subjects, AND improve their motivation. In under an hour.

Are you ready to get started?

Be in the strongest position possible for Teacher Assessed Grades

✅ Our top tips for mastering ‘remote’ learning & revision, so that everything they’re already doing becomes evidence for the epic grades they deserve.

✅ Our Motivation Masterclass, designed to help your child design a life they’ll LOVE by finding what really lights them up.

✅ Our Motivation Masterclass Booklet to talk them through every step of the process of figuring out their big ‘WHY’.

✅ The combination of my 15 years experience as a teacher, my insight as a parent of teenagers myself, and the wealth of expertise I’ve built up while running the Parent Guide to GCSE. All channelled into a focussed, practical pep talk for your child!

That’s £99 worth of awesomeness for just £29!

“Really informative”

Here’s where it gets even better.

The thing I’m hearing most from parents is that their child is really struggling to stay motivated.

That’s why we’re including our Motivation Masterclass as a bonus.

Designed to help your child find their big ‘WHY’, the Motivation Masterclass is a series of very short videos (a few minutes each).

If your child knows their big ‘WHY’, they’ll find it a million times easier to see past the current challenges to the dream that they’re working towards.

(And the better motivated they are, the less nagging you’ll have to do!)

Practical, supportive advice.

It’s aimed at your child, but there’s plenty in there for parents too. It works best when you watch it too!

Our mantra is ‘knowledge beats nagging‘. The more you understand about what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, the better you can coach them through this. Without feeling like you’re nagging.

Sound good? 😉

How does it work?

1. Sign up by clicking one of the big orange buttons.

2. Your login details will arrive by email as soon as you’ve signed up.

3. Click the link in the email to get started.

4. Get your child to watch the masterclasses – it’s a great idea to watch it yourself too!

5. Got questions? Hit reply to the email and let me know! I’m here to help.

Our Guarantee

If your child genuinely can’t find one ‘lightbulb’ moment, we’ll give you a refund (or better yet, we’ll hop on a Zoom call with you both and see if we can do better in person!).

Who am I?

Emily is quickly becoming the parent’s champion as she combines her 15 years of teaching experience with being a parent of 3 herself, to ensure that parents have all the information they need in order to help their children succeed and stay sane in the process!

Emily is regularly featured as an education expert on the BBC, both news and radio.
Last summer, she also appeared on Good Morning Britain on GCSE results day.

She’s also the proud author of the ‘GCSE Survival Guide For Parents’.

As featured in…

Get the Epic Grades Masterclass & the Motivation Masterclass for just £29 (for a limited time only…)





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“I managed to get my daughter to listen to your tips, so helpful. I said the same thing but it didn’t go in 😂. It makes more sense coming from you. Thank you so much”. Shuba

⭐️ CLEAR guidance on exactly how to impress their teacher

⭐️ PRACTICAL advice for working smarter, not harder

⭐️ POWERFUL tips on how to get motivated


Does this apply now we know how grades are being set? YES! This is absolutely the advice your child needs given that it’ll be Teacher Assessed Grades this year.

How long will this take to complete? The remote learning section lasts roughly 45 minutes, and the Motivation Masterclass is just over 15 minutes of video (plus the brainstorming time, which is up to them!). We know they’re busy, so it’s as short-and-to-the-point as it could be!

Will they need to print anything? Up to you – we’ve made the booklet to help them collect their thoughts, but they could simply have it open on screen and write on a blank sheet if that’s easier.

Is this suitable for Y10s? YES! They may not be working towards ‘final’ grades this year, but everything they’re doing still counts. It’s also still a little unclear what allowances will be made (if any) next year, so better to get ahead.

Will I get immediate access? Yes. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email with your login details, and you’ll be able to get straight onto the course.

How much is it, and what’s your refund policy? At £29, it’s roughly the cost of one tutoring session, and less than the price of a family takeout dinner!
You’ll get access for as long as the Parent Guide to GCSE stays up and running. If your child genuinely can’t find one ‘lightbulb’ moment, we’ll give you a refund (or better yet, we’ll hop on a zoom call with you both and see if we can do better in person!).

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