Core Subject GCSE Revision Pack

Core Subject GCSE Revision Pack

20 mins a day keeps the worries away!

With the Easter holidays in sight, and the threat of school closures looming, it’s likely your child will be spending some extra time at home revising.

Regardless of how well prepared their school are, there isn’t a child on the planet who won’t try the old ‘I’ve run out of things to do…’ trick to get out of working. ?

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous folks at to provide a Core Revision Pack – 20 minutes a day of work from English, maths and science. The exercises link to videos, so there’s support for each topic, and the answers are at the end.

Whether they’re about to sit their exams or still a year away, it’s important to stay on top of revision now and avoid last-minute cramming!