Motivating and Preparing Your Child for Academic Success

We are delighted to be hosting an online session for Canford parents, which will cover:

  • How to get your child thinking ahead to the bigger picture to get them motivated
  • How to help your child structure a great revision plan
  • What effective revision looks like
  • Why ‘little and often’ beats ‘last-minute cramming’ every time

Your host

Emily’s background in education qualifies her perfectly to lead the ParentGuidetoEducation group. She attended Cambridge University and having left there with a degree in Mathematics with Education, she embarked upon a 15 year teaching career.

As a Lead Practitioner, Emily was involved firsthand in developing parental engagement with schools. With 50% of learning time being at home, parents needed more support than schools were able to provide and this is how ParentGuidetoEducation was born.

Since founding ParentGuidetoGCSE and ParentGuidetoPost16, Emily’s expertise has been sought after by thousands of parents through the ParentGuide Facebook groups. The live Facebook videos she broadcast around the time of the exam grades government u-turn went viral with some having been viewed over 82,000 times.

Emily is quickly becoming the parent’s champion as she combines her wealth of teaching experience with being a parent of 3 herself to ensure that parents have all the information they need in order to help their children succeed in exams and stay sane in the process!

She is also the author of the ‘GCSE Survival Guide for Parents’.

Emily has been a regular contributor to the BBC via her appearances on local news programmes and radio.
More recently she appeared on Good Morning Britain on GCSE results day as an expert to give advice to parents and their teenagers.