About Us

We’re Emily & Paul

We coach busy parents like you, who need to know how to support your child through one of the most difficult phases of their life so far.

We give you the tools to support your child during the GCSE & Post-16 years – without the stress and drama – so they can get the best results they can.

With over 30 years teaching experience between us, and teenagers of our own, we’re the perfect team to help you.  

We have coached hundreds of teenagers to not just pass exams, but also to develop the kind of skills that’ll set them up for the next challenges they face.  

Now, we’re going to show you how.

Emily Hughes

Hi! Emily here

I have a Masters from Cambridge University in Mathematics with Education. I’ve been a Head of Maths and a Lead Practitioner during my 15 years of teaching.

Following a less-than-healthy work environment I had what I refer to as my mental-health ‘wobble’. I decided afterwards that my sanity was too important to risk, and left teaching to start up a business.

I can usually be found tapping away at a computer while providing a comfy seat for a cat.

In July of 2020, I released the ‘GCSE Survival Guide for Parents‘, and regularly appear on radio & TV. (Good Morning Britain, BBC Look East, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.)

Meet Paul

Paul has degrees in Geography and ICT. He has spent much of his teaching career as Head of ICT/Computing, Business Studies, Childcare & Development and Health & Social Care. Yes, all at once!

At one point he was also head of Hair and Beauty, which we all found quite entertaining.

He has an incredible wealth of completely useless football trivia, and is also often found under a cat. 

Most importantly, he makes a killer creme brûlée.

We met while training as teachers, and fell in love a few years later

(largely due to a motorbike – long story!).

We’ve now been married for over a decade.

We live with our 14 year old daughter and Paul’s twin sons (when they’re not at uni), as well as the two cats that own our house.

We’d love to help you give your child a massive advantage at GCSE if you’re interested 
– just tell us the best email to send you useful stuff on!