GCSE advice for parents

You want to help your child succeed, but it’s been a while since we all did our exams (let’s not talk about how long… ?), and the 5 minute chat at parents’ evening just didn’t quite cut it.

Plus, you’re worried that in all the pressure of ‘academic’ stuff, school might not be covering all those other things that help prepare your child for life AFTER school…

If you knew exactly what your child should be doing when, it would be easy to support them, right?

You wouldn’t be relying on school to communicate every little thing.

You wouldn’t be banking on your teenager telling you… well, anything. (There’s a limit to how much information you can communicate using only grunts, shrugs or eye-rolls.)

You wouldn’t need to cross your fingers that they were doing everything that they need to. You’d KNOW.

If you’ve tried nagging them to revise…

If you’ve tried “helping” them with their coursework (using what you remember from 20+ years ago)…

If you’ve tried bribery and threats to get them to do the work…

Maybe… just maybe… there’s a better way?

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We help parents just like you to equip your teenager with the MINDSET and the SKILLSET to succeed at GCSE, A-level and beyond.

Knowledge beats nagging. Every time.

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