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Knowledge beats nagging. Every time.

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You want to help your child succeed, but it’s been a while since we all did our exams (let’s not talk about how long… 😳), and the 5 minute chat at parents’ evening just didn’t quite cut it.

Plus, you’re worried that in all the pressure of ‘academic’ stuff, school might not be covering all those other things that help prepare your child for life AFTER school…

If you knew exactly what your child should be doing when, it would be easy to support them, right?

You wouldn’t be relying on school to communicate every little thing.

You wouldn’t be banking on your teenager telling you… well, anything. (There’s a limit to how much information you can communicate using only grunts, shrugs or eye-rolls.)

You wouldn’t need to cross your fingers that they were doing everything that they need to. You’d KNOW.

If you’ve tried nagging them to revise…

If you’ve tried “helping” them with their coursework (using what you remember from 20+ years ago)…

If you’ve tried bribery and threats to get them to do the work…

Maybe… just maybe… there’s a better way?

Join the #ParentsWhoKnow

#ParentsWhoKnow make plans. The easy way.

A revision plan for the whole year, in just 5 minutes? YES PLEASE!!

A clear, manageable plan is vital for keeping on top of revision and for avoiding overwhelm.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for a free account, grab a list of their subjects and term dates, pop them into the planner wizard, and press ‘generate plan’.


Want to make sure it’s a GREAT plan?

IF…. you want your child to make a plan, and you want us to talk them through:

  • Creating a plan they’ll actually stick to
  • Taking their plan for a test drive to check it’s manageable
  • Adding topic-level detail to the plan to help them make sure they cover everything
  • Using their plan to avoid overwhelm

AND… get a checklist for every subject so they can track their revision?

(Oh, and they get the FULL version of the planner… )

Featured Free Resources

Does your child need some SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar) tips?

#ParentsWhoKnow don’t try to do this alone

Remember when they were tiny, and you had an NCT group to vent to? Or a Mums & Toddlers group?

We had a place to ask the ‘is it only me??’ questions.

Why should it be any different now they’re teenagers?!

We’ve built a community on Facebook. A safe space for you to ask your questions, or just to check whether your teenager is the only one still hibernating at 2pm (they’re not).

#ParentsWhoKnow have all the information

There are two ways you can do this.

#1: DIY

I’ve put all the basics together in one neat, easy-to-read package. You can read it at your own pace, and you’ll have the key stuff covered.

#2: We’ll talk you through the whole thing, one baby step at a time

Join our membership, and we’ll (metaphorically – ‘cos social distancing 😉) hold your hand every step of the way. You’ll get all the information you need in bite-sized chunks, delivered weekly.

No overwhelm.

Just exactly what you need, when you need it.

You could spend hundreds on private tuition, or you could spend just £34.99 a month to get all the answers, and none of the overwhelm.

Denise knows (and Amy knows too!)


“I decided to sign-up to the Programme to bring myself up-to-date and be more fully informed of the content of what my year 11 daughter would need to revise, but also to be in a better position to be able to support her, subtly.

My daughter wasn’t that keen for me to get more involved with her revision, but I felt ‘forearmed is forewarned’ and my gut told me that being able to gently guide her from a distance would be the best way forward and would give her the best opportunity to excel.

A deal was agreed between us that we would have a ten minute catch up every Sunday evening and I would relay the contents of the email and my daughter would run through her week. Sometimes it ended in me being asked to leave, but on the whole, it happened and was constructive, even if said daughter didn’t admit it at the time!
The weekly emails were extremely supportive, succinct and full of useful links to additional suggested resources, with additional ideas and revision suggestions. Focussing on a different subject each week and with a ‘one thing this week…’ suggestion, I felt the programme brought me up-to-date (things have changed A LOT since the late 1980’s, it turns out!).

I was able to help steer my daughter in the right direction and get an insight into the pressures they are under and the volume of content they have to learn – and the best way to revise the volume of quotes, equations and text.  Thank you to Emily and Paul for sharing your wealth of professional and personal experience – I look forward to the A-Level programme soon!”

Amy’s version?

“When Mum first told me about the programme she had signed up to, I was sceptical at first, as I didn’t want Mum to interfere with my work.  I had already started thinking about my revision and didn’t think I needed any extra help or guidance.
What I have found is that the weekly emails really helped me. The extra links to free resources I didn’t know were available were more than what I had already been told about at school and saved a huge amount of time. The ideas for revision, planning and what to focus on for that week were very useful and looking back, I feel I had the best chance to succeed.

I don’t know how my results will turn out, but I do know I tried – and that has helped me in the craziness of the last few weeks. I hope that this statement helps others to get prepared, plan ahead and give themselves the best opportunity to make the most of the coming months. Thank you.”

Jen knows…

Overall, the programme so far has been as we hoped – telling us stuff we didn’t even know we needed to know, and helping our responsible, bright Y11 feel on top of things.

She wants to do well and deserves to, as she works really hard, and it feels like we can now help ensure her work is consistently useful and gets results.

– Jen from Sheffield

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